Lady with Book / Timothy Jackson Interviews Allen Forte in Forte’s Home

(0:00) The Secret Teachings of All Ages 1
(11:42) The Secret Teachings of All Ages 2
(19:17) Letter from Oster to Forte in 1962 / English Translation of Der Freie Satz
(23:05) The History of the Translation of Der Freie Satz
(28:14) Oster, Mitchell, and Mitchell's Wife
(30:47) Mitchell and Jonas
(33:09) Forte's Notes for Working out "the Structure of Atonal Music"
(35:48) Forte's Reconstruction of Sketches by Berg
(38:11) Sets Related to Schoenberg's Work
(39:41) Forte's Sketches of Berg's String Quartet
(40:55) Annotations and Manuscripts
(45:00) Forte's Interest in Webern's Unpublished Sketch / Webern and Schoenberg
(49:17) Forte's Procedure of Set Analysis
(51:16) Forte's Complicated Analysis of Webern's Works
(52:30) Hindemith and Webern
(53:59) Forte's Interests in the Final Chord in One of Webern's Short Pieces
(56:03) Forte's Paper on Webern
(57:11) Forte's Analysis of Webern's OP. 7 No. 2