Round Table: Possible Intersections between Popular, Traditional, Art Music, and Appropriate Analytical Methodologies

(0:00) Introduction by Dean James Scott
(1:16) Introduction by Moderator Dr. Deanna Bush
(2:55) Forte’s Introductory Remark on “My Work on Cole Porter”
(3:33) An Important Role of Porter’s Song
(3:57) Porter’s Music as Keyboard Patterns
(4:26) 1964, The Year of Porter’s Death
(5:15) Porter As A Major Figure of American Music of the 20th Century
(5:48) Dr. Bernado Illari's Introduction to Latin American and Popular Music
(10:56) Illari's Tour of Salta, Argentina / Gustavo "Cuchi" Leguizamon
(15:27) Zamba, a Dance Genre
(27:18) Zamba / Bagualas
(37:29) Dr. Bush's Conclusion Speech