Allen Forte Interview: Feb. 7, 2007, New Haven

(0:00) Forte’s and Other’s Translations of Schoenberg’s Moses und Aron
(3:59) Forte’s Collection of Scores and Analyses
(4:57) Forte’s Sketches
(6:32) Forte’s Rougher Graphs
(8:37) Forte’s Finished Graphs and Sketches
(10:42) Forte's Analytical Sketches of Messiaen's Works
(15:37) Nigel Simeone’s Writings on Messiaen
(16:59) Mrs. Messiaen and Mrs. Forte
(17:50) Forte’s Communications with Oster
(21:43) Oster and His Girlfriend
(25:39) Forte’s Interesting Correspondences
(26:46) First Attempt to Apply Schenkerian Technique to Jazz
(29:24) Milton Babbitt’s Opinions on Forte’s Transcription of Charlie Parker’s Works
(31:52) Forte’s Essay on Jazz
(33:12) Composers Who Do Not Like Jazz
(34:18) Classical and Popular Music in American Culture
(35:03) Jazz Musicians
(36:28) Are Rhythms Notated in Jazz?
(37:28) Forte’s Ability to Play by Ear
(38:46) Forte’s Photos from Different Periods
(40:03) Forte’s Family Photo Taken in Minnesota between 1903 and 1905
(40:45) Photos of Joseph Eastman and Forte’s Mother’s Father
(41:21) Photo of Forte’s Mother
(41:34) Photo of Forte's Mother's Grandfather and Grandmother
(41:57) Forte’s Grandfather and Grandmother
(43:24) Does Forte Have Photos of Himself Studying at Yale or Teaching at Mannes?
(43:47) Photo of the Well-established Forte
(44:05) Photo of Forte Taken in 1947
(45:59) Photo of Forte and Babbitt Taken in 1949
(46:56) Photo of Forte When Teaching in Teachers College
(47:24) Photo of Forte's Father Taken in 1915
(48:18) Photo of Forte’s Father and His Dog
(48:41) Photo of Three-year Old Forte and His Father
(48:55) Does Forte Have Siblings?
(49:10) Photo of Forte
(49:28) Photo of Forte in Korea
(49:43) Photo of Forte Giving a Lecture at Eastman
(50:27) Photo of Forte at the Age of 15
(50:58) Photo of Forte and His First Wife
(51:33) Photo of Forte's Father's Mother Taken in 1917
(52:05) Photo of Forte When He Was at Columbia University
(52:39) Photo of Forte Studying in a Room on West 97th St
(53:18) Photos of Forte's Father
(53:43) How Did Forte Become Interested in Intellectual Things?
(55:08) How Did Forte Prepare for Entrance Requirement for Eastman?
(55:52) Did Forte Remember Who Tested Him at Eastman?
(56:30) Did Forte Have to Show Any Theoretical Ability at the Entrance Exam?
(1:01:21) New York in the 1950s
(1:02:18) Forte's Meeting with Susan Adler
(1:03:03) Forte's Mother's Idea of Forte Being a Church Organist
(1:03:42) Forte Reminds Jackson of Brahms
(1:04:43) What Was Played on Forte's Ship?
(1:06:08) Did Everybody on Forte's Ship Make It out of the War?